Vietnam Planning Travel Corridors

Earlier this week the first domestic Malaysian tourists arrived in Langkawi as it started to reopen for travel. Now Vietnam is planning similar domestic travel arrangements.

Main picture Vietnam countryside credit Kiril Borev on Unsplash

The plan is being prepared by the Airports Corporation of Vietnam and is designed to restart domestic tourism in the country and to ensure that processes are in place and ready for the resumption of international tourism in the future.

The proposed “Green Corridors” would include:

  • Green People – Fully vaccinated staff and passengers who have also tested negative for Covid-19
  • Green Infrastructure – Fully disinfected airports, aircraft and other transport
  • Green Procedures – All staff and passengers following required protocols including mask wearing, disinfection / cleanliness and social distancing

It is likely that, if approved, the plan will be phased to prioritise essential workers, followed by those in “safe areas” followed by all internal restrictions being lifted.

Source: VN Express International

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