Da Nang In Vietnam Eyes Return Of Foreign Tourists

Authorities in the Vietnam coastal city of Da Nang have submitted draft plans for welcoming back foreign visitors from as early as November in the latest move to restart tourism in the country.

Main picture Dragon Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam credit Mohammad Imran on Unsplash

The plan however has strict conditions and will be limited to travellers, at least initially, from certain countries.

Tourists will be targeted from countries that haave resumed tourism and have an established vaccine passport programme. Initially Russia and South Korea have been identified as pilot markets.

All tourists would be required to book package tours with designated travel agencies.

Initial demand is believed to be around 2,000 – 4,000 tourists a week from Russia and around 200 from South Korea.

A second group of travellers is also being targeted.

Foreigners arriving for official or business purposes would be allowed but would be quarantined for their first 7 days followed by health monitoring for the next 7 days.

Da Nang had around 8.6 million domestic and international tourists in 2019, this fell to just 3.9 million last year despite attempts to attract more domestic travellers when internal travel restrictions allowed.

Source: VN Express International

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