Quarantine Free Travel To Malaysia Being Considered

Reports suggest that the Malaysian government is looking at reopening the borders to fully vaccinated foreign travellers, from selected countries, without the need to quarantine.

Main picture Kota Kinabulu, Malaysia credit CK Yeo on Unsplash

National Recovery Council chairman Muhyiddin Yassin was speaking after chairing a meeting with political and business leaders.

“I hope the reopening of our borders, which is an integral aspect of our recovery, could be implemented soon and safely.

The opening will be for those who are fully vaccinated with a recognised digital vaccine certificate.

Maybe we can have a pre-departure swab test requirement but we are looking at doing away with the mandatory quarantine, or imposing a shorter one.

These are being discussed and will be decided on very soon.”

Muhyiddin Yassin, Malaysia National Recovery Council chair.

No timeline has yet been given on the potential reopening of Malaysia to foreign travellers or which countries may be included in the permitted list.

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