It’s Time For Bali

On 14th October Bali officially reopened its doors to fully vaccinated foreign tourists from 19 countries.

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All visitors must be fully vaccinated, have a recent negative PCR test and then pass temperature checks and a further PCR test on arrival. Everyone must quarantine in an approved mandatory quarantine facility hotel – full list is available here.

Here are all the details for travellers hoping to visit.

Who Can Visit

An initial 19 countries are permitted to resart international flights to Bali and the Riau Islands:

  • Asia – China, India Japan & South Korea
  • Australasia – New Zealand
  • Europe – France, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain & Sweden
  • Middle East – Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates (UAE)


The Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights has launched an electronic visa (e-Visa) application system.

This was launched to assist foreign travellers and make the process as simple as possible.

The Free Visit Visa Waiver and Visit Visa on Arrival are temporarily suspended.

Below are the valid Visas or Stay Permits allowed to enter Indonesia:

  • Diplomatic and official/service Visa;
  • Visit Visa;
  • Limited stay permit Visa;
  • Diplomatic residence permits and official residence permits;
  • Limited stay permit (KITAS) and residence permit cards (KITAP)
  • Kartu Perjalanan Pebisnis Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (KPP APEC)

Visa applications can be submitted online through

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Both Indonesian citizens andr foreign nationals must comply with the existing health protocols when arriving from an international destination.

Everyone must:

  • Enter through airports in Bali and the Riau Islands.
  • Show a card or certificate of receipt of COVID-19 vaccine and a negative RT-PCR test result.
  • Have Short Visit Visa or other entry permits in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Have proof of health insurance with a minimum coverage value of USD 100,000 which includes COVID-19.
  • Proof of booking confirmation and payment (booking) for accommodation from the accommodation provider while staying in Indonesia.

More information regarding the latest health protocol regulations in Indonesia.

In Bali

All arrivals are required to undergo mandatory quarantine for 5 x 24 hours (14 x 24 hours depending on the escalation COVID-19 case of the origin country). The requirements are as follows:

  • For Indonesian citizens within the category of migrant workers, students that have finished education, and civil servants on duty, the quarantine facilities provided by the Indonesia government are free of charge.
  • For Indonesian citizens (not on the criteria for the previous points) and foreigners in self-funded quarantine accommodation (hotels/inns) recommended by the COVID-19 Task Force and have met the terms and conditions of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association and the Ministry of Health.

Four days after self-quarantine from the date of arrival, another RT-PCR test will be conducted. If the test shows a negative result, after 5 days of quarantine, you will be declared as completed quarantine. If the RT-PCR test shows positive result then you will have to undergo the following procedures:

  • Treatment in centralized isolation facilities for asymptomatic people and people with mild symptoms.
  • Treatment at a referral hospital for people with moderate and severe symptoms.

Once you have completed your quarantine, always comply with the health protocols by keeping necessary habits such as keeping your distance, wearing a mask in public places, and washing hands regularly.

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