Myanmar Looking to Welcome Back Tourists

Most countries in Southeast Asia have been making plans to reopen to foreign tourists.

Main picture Sule Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar credit Jason Eppink on flickr

Some like Thailand and Singapore have altready started welcoming them back. Indonesia opened the doors to Bali late last week. malaysia and Vietnam are both looking at options and timelines.

The ongoing turmoil and uncertainty following the military coup in February meant that there was little expectation that Myanmar would also be looking to reopen.

News has emerged today however that Myanmar is finalising plans to reopen to foreign tourists from early 2022, initially to visitors from other Southeast asia nations.

“We are preparing for necessary arrangements for travel bubbles with Thailand so that we will be ready when they reach out to us through an official channel. We also aim at reopening to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam in the first quarter of 2022.”

Htay Aung, Myanmar Union Minister for Hotels and Tourism

The plans hope to attract up to 300,000 foreign tourists in the first phase and is particularly targeting Thai visitors.

It is believed that tourism contributed around 6% of the total GDP of Myanmar prior to the pandemic. It is not expected to return to those levels for a number of years.

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