Issues With Thailand Pass For Early Visitors

Tourists heading to Thailand have complained that the newly launched Thailand Pass system hasn’t neen working properly while warnings have been issued against a fake webpage being used by scammers.

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Thailand Pass

Reports are suggesting that some tourists have either not received the required QR code or are experiencing delays in receiving them.

The QR code is required when entering the country using the system.

Tourists looking to visit the country are required to visit the Thailand Pass website to upload the required documents, once their application is approved a QR should be issued.

The system was launched following criticism of the delays that visitors under the Sandbox approval programme, the Certification of Entry (CoE) which promised approval within 10 working days but also saw delays.

Government officials have confirmed that there have been issues with the system and are promising quick fixes to improve the system. One of the reported issues is that users with hotmail email accounts cannot receive messages from the system.

The have also highlighted errors that visitors are making in the application process including:

  • A valid Covid-19 vaccine document was not uploaded or it was not readable
  • Documents did not meet the minimum requirements for the pass for example bookings with hotels for the first night stay that do not have the required hospital links
  • Entering information more than once
  • Using an invalid email address or accounts not accepting the emails

The genuine Thailand Pass website can be found at

Fake Website

Government spokesmperson Thanakorn Wangboonkonghchana has warned travellers that the website is not genuine and is being used to access passenger information illegally.

Source: The Nation Thailand and Bangkok Post

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