Cambodia Ends Quarantine For Foreign Visitors

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced at the weekend that the country would stop requiring fully vaccinated travellers to quarantine on arrival from today (15th November).

All visitors will need to have a negative test taken no more than 72 hours prior to arrival and then take a rapid test on arrival, waiting for the result in their accommodation, mirroring the entry requirements for Test & GO in Thailand.

The announcement came completely out of the blue but has been welcomed by the travel and tourism industry in the country.

“After seeing that people have two doses and a negative COVID test, they will be allowed to travel all over the Kingdom of Cambodia.

This is a quick way to re-open the country and facilitate travel for our people. I know some of our citizens want to go abroad but are worried about coming back with quarantine required.”

Hun Sen, Cambodia Prime Minister

Unvaccinated travellers will still be required to comeple a 14 day quarantine period.

Cambodia has fully vaccinated more than 90% of its population, prompting the relaxation of quarantine requirements.

The previous reopening plan, scheduled to start later this month, included the reopening of just Koh Rong, neighborouring Sihanoukville and the Chinese-developed resort of Dara Sakor. Siem Reap, including the magnificent Angkor Wat, was not scheduled to reopen until January next year.

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