Breaking News – Thailand To End PCR Test On Arrival

The Thai National Communicable Disease Committee (NCDC) has approved plans that will mean that travellers entering under the Test & Go programme will no longer need to undergo a PCR test on arrival.

The plans, scheduled to begin on 1st December will mean that visitors will still need to be fully vaccinated a present a recent PCR test result on arrival but will then only need to take an antigen test in Thailand.

Details are yet to be confirmed but it is hoped that the deployment of rapid antigen testing will reduce waiting times for people entering the country.

UPDATE – Sources are now reporting that antigen testing will start from 16th December.

It is unclear at the moment if the tests will be done at the airport or tourists will still need to transfer to an accredited hotel for their test. The announcement made mention of antigen testing being required “from time to time”.

Full clarification of the new scheme is needed urgently to give travellers confidence in the travel plans and also to make the required bookings.

Source: Bangkok Post & REUTERS

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