Singapore Adds More Vaccinated Travel Lanes

Travellers from 6 more countries will be allowed to visit Singapore under the Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) scheme from the middle of december it was announced today.

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Travellers from Thailand will be able to visit from 14th December, while those from Cambodia, Fiji, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Turkey can visit from 16th December. Applications for the VTL will be available from 7th December for Thailand and 9th December for the other countries.

The additional 6 countries mean that visitors will soon be allowed from 27 countries which, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), accounted for around 60% of pre-pandemic arrivals.

It has also been announced that the total number of daily VTL arrivals permitted will increase from 10,000 t0 15,000 people.

The Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) enables visitors who are fully vaccinated from certain countries/regions to enter Singapore for any purpose. Visitors will not have to serve a stay-home notice in Singapore.

Unvaccinated children aged 12 and below will be eligible to enter Singapore on the VTL. They are not required to apply for a VTP but must comply with all other VTL conditions and be accompanied by a fully vaccinated VTL traveller.

Full details, including full list of permitted countries, are available on our dedicated VTL page.

Source: The Straits Times

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