Singapore Suspends VTL Travel Scheme

Singapore has followed Thailand in suspending its foreign travel arrangements due to the threat of the Covid-19 Omicron variant.

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The sale of tickets for arriving flights and buses under the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) will be frozen for four weeks from Thursday 23rd December.

The VTL scheme allows quarantine-free entry for fully vaccinated travellers arriving from certain countries, including germany, australia, Malaysia, UK and USA, on designated flights or buses. The travellers have to undergo regular testing in Singapore.

The sale of VTL tickets will not be allowed until at least 20th January.

“Our border measures will help to buy us time to study and understand the Omicron variant, and to strengthen our defences, including enhancing our healthcare capacity, and getting more people vaccinated and boosted.”

Singapore Health Ministry via REUTERS

The amount of VTL’s and tickets available after the 20th January will also be cut to 50% of the current number.

Travellers already holding tickets on VTL flights or buses and who meet all other requirements can still travel under the programme.

The government also urged people arriving in Singapore to minimise their social interactions, avoid large gatherings and eating out for seven days even if their tests, which they have to take every day for the week, are negative.

Singapore has confirmed 65 imported Omicron cases, along with a handful of local cases. But the government said it has been able to limit onward community transmission.


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