Few Tourists Heading To Cambodia Following Reopening

There have been some bullish reports coming out of Cambodia on the recovery of the tourism sector following the reopening of the borders on 15th November last year, in reality however numbers of foreign tourists have been very low.

The Khmer Times led an article this week with the headline “Cambodia’s tourism sees fast recovery despite Omicron.”

The devil, as always, is in the detail. It supported the headline with figures from the Cambodian national news agency AKP which cited statistics from the Ministry of Tourism that showed that the tourism industry served over 1.14 million tourists during the New Year holiday. However the vast majority of these were domestic tourists with just 5,754 foreigners recorded as visiting.

The recovery has not been helped by the lack of flights to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh airports although these have been increasing and travel restrictions in China which was a key market for the country.

Demand may be helped in the short-term by the increase in measures and suspension of the quarantine-free travel Test & GO scheme in Thailand.

For those able to travel to Cambodia however this may be the ideal time to experience the temples without the crowds that are usually present during high-season.

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