New Thailand Tourist Entry Fee

The Thai Tourism and Sports Ministry  has announced that a tourist entry fee will be imposed on all foreign arrivals from April.

The 300 baht (approx £6.60 / US$8.99) per person fee will be used to develop tourist attractions, accident and death insurance.

Plans are for the fee to be collected through air fares although how fees for travellers arriving by other means has yet to be decided.

The fee was first mooted in 2019, was delayed by the pandemic and was given approval in January last year.

Thailand is currently estimating that between 5 and 15 million tourists will visit this year. The lower figure will apply if tourists continue to arrive from just Europe and the US. It is likely to increase to around 7 million if Indian tourists return, 9 million if China allows its citizens to travel abroad and up to 15 million if land borders with Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar also open.

Prior to the pandemic almost 40 million tourists visited the country.

Source: Bangkok Post

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