About Us

Flyingdog travel.

Hi, I’m Richard and I’m the owner of Flyingdog Travel.

I was lucky that my parents took me all over Europe as a child experiencing new cultures, food and landscapes. As I got older and traveled more independently I became much more adventurous in my locations and how I traveled.

In my early twenties I worked in Greece for the summer, getting to know the locals and tourists and fueling my desire to travel more. At the end of the season instead of flying back I caught the ferry back to the mainland and then by coach through Europe. The journey of more than 1,200 miles took me through Greece, a war torn Yugoslavia, Hungary and Austria before arriving in Munich.

After falling in love with South-East Asia I decided it was time to share the love and help others discover the magic that lie throughout the region.

I will be posting information, advice, top tips and more to help you decide on your next destination as well as blog posts that give more incite into the area.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia
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