August Travel Guide for Southeast Asia

Here are our recommendations for where to go and what to do during August in Southeast Asia.


In the north rainy season is in full effect but will mostly consist of rain each day during mid to late afternoon downpours than often last only an hour or so before it starts to dry out again. Night-time storms also happen and can provide incredible light shows. Temperatures are in the low 30’s/86-91°F and pleasant at night.

Rainy season in Bangkok with average temperatures around 29°C/84°F and 5 or 6 hours of sunshine a day. Torrential showers are common however which can sometimes lead to flooding.

On Koh Samui the temperatures increase a little but so does rainfall and the frequency and duration of rainfall will increase throughout the month.

On the Andaman Sea coast the south west monsoon hits the area from June to October when rainfall can hit highs of 350mm in a month. It’s not all bad though as the rain tends to fall in the late afternoon or early evening and the rest of the day could be bathed in hot sunshine as temperatures remain in the 30’s most of the day.

The Queen Mothers birthday on 12th August is a public holiday. The holiday is on the following Monday if the birthday falls on a weekend.

Picture Chiang Mai, Thailand. Credit Flyingdog Travel


An excellent time to visit the east coast with dry, sunny weather the norm and excellent snorkelling and scuba diving conditions.

The west coast islands can see heavy downpours but also outside of those there will be hot, humid, sunny weather.

31st August marks the day that the Federation of Malaya gained its independence from the UK in 1957.

Picture Sabah, Malaysia. Credit Hugo D on Unsplash


One of the wettest months of the year and rainfall can last for a number of hours, or longer, and be very heavy. Outside of the rain the weather tends to be very pleasant however.

Picture Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Credit Flyingdog Travel


In the north rainy season is in full flow and the risk of typhoons increases. August is often the wettest month of the year. Temperatures can be unbearably hot at times.

Dry season is in full effect in central areas but temperatures start to creep higher and can reach average highs of 35°C/95°F.

Rainfall and temperature remain high in the south and the risk of typhoons increases.

Picture Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Credit Taylor Simpson on Unsplash


There is not really a bad time to visit Singapore, August is within the Southwest Monsoon but any rainfall tends to be in short, sharp showers.

Singapore’s National Day celebrations the Independence of Singapore from Malaysia on 9th August 1965. 9th August unless on a Sunday when holiday is on the following day.

Picture Super Tree Grove, Singapore. Credit Coleen Rivas on Unsplash


An excellent time to visit Indonesia with temperatures a little higher and still sunny and dry. Peak time for snorkelling, scuba diving and mountain trekking.

Hari Merdeka or Indonesia Independence Day is celebrated every year on 17th August.

Picture Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia. Credit Ella Hanson on Unsplash


Peak rainy season especially in the north and west. Typhoons are very likely during the month.

Ninoy Aquino Day is held every 21st August to commemorate the life and death of Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.

National Heroes Day is a public holiday. 29th August 2022, 28th August 2023, 26th August 2024.

Picture Small Lagoon, Philippines. Credit Jules Bss on Unsplash


Peak rainy season and the length and frequency of rainfall increases which can cause transport issues at times. Temperatures start to fall to more comfortable, warm levels.

Picture Thakhek, Laos

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