Huge $350 Million Resort Planned Near Angkor Wat

Plans have been unveiled for massive resort development just 500 metres south of the outer restricted zone surrounding Angkor Wat. NagaGroup Global Limited, owned by Hong Kong firm NagaCorp Ltd, have acquired 75 hectares of land on a 50-year lease and plan to build a “non-gaming integrated resort (IR)” next to the UNESCO World HeritageContinue reading “Huge $350 Million Resort Planned Near Angkor Wat”

Will Alcohol Be Banned in Bali?

The Indonesian Government is considering banning alcohol after politicians from a number of parties backed the idea. The bill is being promoted by the United Development Party and the Prosperous Justice Party, Islamist political parties, and Gerindra, a nationalist party. If passed, the law would ban alcoholic beverages ranging in strength from 1% to 55%Continue reading “Will Alcohol Be Banned in Bali?”

Southeast Asia Flight Price Tracker November 2020

Travel to Southeast Asia is starting to look more promising for 2021 as Singapore and Thailand start to, tentatively, re-open their borders to travellers, generally from select countries. Last month we noticed that prices for a number of routes had started to creep up again, based on March 2021 flights. Prices in September had droppedContinue reading “Southeast Asia Flight Price Tracker November 2020”

Malaysia COVID Lockdown Update

Lockdown Most of Malaysia entered into a new lockdown from Saturday 7th November as a month-long “conditional movement order” was implemented. A week later we spoke to our collaborator Donald Cassidy who has been in Malaysia throughout the pandemic to find out how it has affected them on the ground. Don and Vik’s Covid AdventureContinue reading “Malaysia COVID Lockdown Update”

Storm Vamco Hits Central Vietnam As Philippine Death Toll Rises To 67

Storm Vamco made landfall in Central Vietnam on Sunday after the Philippine authorities confirmed that at least 67 people have now died following the storm. Philippines Sustained winds of 150 kph (90mph), equivalent to a category 2 hurricane, hit the the largest island, Luzon, causing landslides and extensive flooding, forcing thousands of people to fleeContinue reading “Storm Vamco Hits Central Vietnam As Philippine Death Toll Rises To 67”

Bamboo Airways to Launch Non-Stop Flights Between Vietnam and USA

Just 2 years after its launch, Vietnam’s Bamboo Airways has been granted a a Foreign Air Carrier Permit by the US Department of Transportation (DoT) to operate direct flights between Vietnam and cities in the United States. Bamboo Airways was recently voted Asia’s Leading Regional Airline at the World Travel Awards. World Travel Awards 2020Continue reading “Bamboo Airways to Launch Non-Stop Flights Between Vietnam and USA”

Typhoon Vamco Leaves 39 Dead in Philippines

Typhoon Vamco (known as Ulysses in the Philippines) passed north of Manila between Bulacan and Pampanga Wednesday night / Thursday morning, the third major typhoon to hit the country after Goni (Rolly) and Molave (Quinta). Storm Goni Heads to Vietnam After Philippines Destruction 16 Dead in Philippines After Storm Goni Sustained winds of 150 kphContinue reading “Typhoon Vamco Leaves 39 Dead in Philippines”

Indonesia Looking to Start Mass Covid-19 Vaccinations

Reuters have reported that Indonesia President Joko Widodo has said that there were advanced plans to introduce a mass Covid-19 vaccination programme as soon as possible. “We expect to start the vaccination process by the end of this year following a series of tests by BPOM,” Jokowi said. BPOM is the Indonesia food and drugContinue reading “Indonesia Looking to Start Mass Covid-19 Vaccinations”

UK Adds Countries to Travel Corridor List

On Thursday 12th November the UK Government announced additional countries being added to the travel corridor list, and it included Southeast Asia countries. The Travel Corridor means that anyone returning from that country would not be required to self-isolate on entering the UK. It is not a two-way agreement however. From 4am, UK time, onContinue reading “UK Adds Countries to Travel Corridor List”

Thailand Visa Information

Thailand has now started to open up to foreign visitors including tourists. Visas currently available include: Tourist Visa – short-stay tourists up to 60 days with an extension available for a further 30 days Special Tourist Visa – long stay tourists from low-risk countries, initial 90 days, with extensions up to 270 days Diplomats andContinue reading “Thailand Visa Information”