Angkor Code of Conduct

Angkor Archaeological Park is still an active spiritual site for Buddhists and home to more than 130,000 people, many of whom can trace their ancestry back to the Khmer Empire and as far back as the 9th century.

The area therefore has a Code of Conduct, in place to ensure that further damage is not done to the temples and to ensure that suitable respect is paid to local customs and religion.

Angkor monument

Monument Preservation

To minimise damage to the ruins please do not:

  • touch carvings
  • sit or lean on fragile structures
  • move or take artifacts
  • wear backpacks or high heels or put anything sharp on the floor, e.g. umbrella or tripod tips, while in temples
  • leave graffiti
  • use drones unless you have a permit
Blessing at Angkor Wat

Be Respectful

To ensure that you do not cause offence or cause damage please ensure that you:

  • talk quietly at all times. It is a spiritual site and excessive noise will disturb other visitors
  • don’t enter into restricted areas. They may be closed for your own safety, because of restoration or for spiritual reasons
  • don’t smoke or drop litter. There are rubbish bins around the park but if in doubt, take it back to the hotel with you
Young child in Angkor

Cambodian Children

Cambodia is a poor country and many people may try to make money by using children to help sell items. Do not give them any gifts, food, snacks or sweets.

These actions encourage children not to attend school. If you want to help donate money to a reputable local charity.


Monk in Angkor Wat

Buddhist monks are respected and revered in Cambodia.

If you would like a picture with a monk, politely ask for permission and respect their decision if they refuse.

Do not try to touch or hug a monk at any time.

Women should maintain a respectful distance from monks as being in close proximity is disrespectful to the monk’s way of life.

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