Angkor Wat

My favourite pictures #3 I have previously selected Thai Rolled Ice Cream and Ao Nang Beach Bars for my favourite pictures. This one may well appear on many more peoples lists. The incredible Angkor Wat. If you are looking for other great pictures, we have recently published features on Angkor Wat, Thai Sunsets and theContinue reading “Angkor Wat”

50 Not Out

No this is not a post on cricket (50 not out is a cricket term), instead it is a celebration of reaching 50 posts since we launched in July. Here we look back at some of our, and your, favourite posts as we head towards our next 50. Where It All Began The very firstContinue reading “50 Not Out”

September in Review

It has been another incredibly busy month, despite world travel still being on hold. We wait for the world to open up again and launched all new guides to Malaysia and Singapore and increased our coverage of Vietnam. We have posted some of our favourite pictures of Angkor Wat, Thai sunsets and the Grand PalaceContinue reading “September in Review”

August in Review

We have had a busy month here at Flyingdog towers (well sat in my conservatory as I work from home). Most popular blog posts included the Best Beaches in Thailand and Best Beaches in Vietnam, My Favoritite Things to Do in Bangkok, our updated statistics on COVID-19 in South East Asia and Don and Vik’sContinue reading “August in Review”

My Favourite Places

While I wait for the global coronavirus pandemic to ease, and travel to re-open, I started to reflect on the places I have visited before. There are a number of places firmly planted in my mind as being places I loved to visit and would like to visit again. Here they are, and unsurprisingly thereContinue reading “My Favourite Places”

Angkor Wat and a Personal Emergency

A few years ago we visited Cambodia with some friends and of course during the trip we had to visit Angkor Wat. We arranged a mini bus, driver and guide through the hotel which turned out to be an inspired choice. Not only was it excellent value for money but our guide was excellent, helpingContinue reading “Angkor Wat and a Personal Emergency”