10 Unusual Things Banned in South East Asia

There are many things banned throughout South East Asia that will come as no suprise to most visitors. Despite what many people think, the drug laws are mostly much stricter in South East Asia than in many Western countries. Possession of a small amount of marijuana for personal use can result in heavy fines orContinue reading “10 Unusual Things Banned in South East Asia”

September in Review

It has been another incredibly busy month, despite world travel still being on hold. We wait for the world to open up again and launched all new guides to Malaysia and Singapore and increased our coverage of Vietnam. We have posted some of our favourite pictures of Angkor Wat, Thai sunsets and the Grand PalaceContinue reading “September in Review”

Travel to South-East Asia, What Are the Options?

Government Advice and Quarantine Country by Country It is important to understand the changing nature in destination countries as well. Flights are being sold for future dates to many countries which do not currently allow foreign travelers entry, which can cause confusion. Just because a country is not shown on the UK Government lists doesContinue reading “Travel to South-East Asia, What Are the Options?”