Thailand Look To Relax Quarantine Amid Push For Vaccine Passport

The Thai tourism minister has confirmed today that he will propose a plan to enable foreign tourists to quarantine in tourist areas in a bid to help revive the country’s struggling tourism sector. If the plan is agreed it is believed that it will start in April or May and enable tourists to quarantine inContinue reading “Thailand Look To Relax Quarantine Amid Push For Vaccine Passport”

Tourism Crisis Worsens in Thailand

The travel and tourism industry in Thailand accounted for just under 20% of GDP prior to the pandemic with almost 40 million foreign tourists entering the country in 2019. With just 6.7 million tourists entering Thailand in 2020 and current forecasts of just 5 million this year, the industry has been devastated by the impactContinue reading “Tourism Crisis Worsens in Thailand”

Elephants Suffering As Thai Camps Are Forced To Close

Hundreds of elephants throughout Thailand are suffering from starvation and illness due to the ongoing pandemic and lack of tourists. There are elephant camps all over Thailand, some focused on conservation and protecting the animals and others focused on attracting tourists for elephant rides and shows. The common denominator between all of the camps isContinue reading “Elephants Suffering As Thai Camps Are Forced To Close”

1 Million Tourism Job Losses Feared in Thailand

The continued Covid-19 pandemic and the failure of measures to encourage more tourists could see a further 1 million job losses in the tourism sector in Thailand in the first quarter of 2021. The Tourism Council of Thailand will today put forward proposals to the Thai government to try and alleviate the number of futureContinue reading “1 Million Tourism Job Losses Feared in Thailand”

Film Locations in Southeast Asia Part 4

In this, the fourth part in our series of film locations, we look at one of the most famous film locations in the region. Koh Phi Phi, location of the hit 2000 film, The Beach. We also have films starring Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage and Sylvester Stallone. See Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3Continue reading “Film Locations in Southeast Asia Part 4”

Thai VietJetAir Offers Unlimited Flights

Thai |VietjetAir have launched a new promotion offering the “SkyFun PowerPass” valid for either 6 or 12 months of unlimited flights on internal Thai flights. The PowerPass must be purchased by 31st January and are valid until 15th July, for the 6 month pass and 23rd December, for the 12 month pass. All bookings andContinue reading “Thai VietJetAir Offers Unlimited Flights”

October in Review

There still seems to be no end to the COVID-19 pandemic and the re-opening of much of Southeast Asia although there are the first, faint glimmers of hope. Undeterred we have continued to expand our content in the region to help people to plan and be inspired for future travel and also our general news,Continue reading “October in Review”

Live Music Bars

My favourite pictures #10 I love live music. Preferably in small venues or bars rather than stadiums or Arenas. At a gig with a band that you love there is that feeling of community, a shared experience, a hot sweaty mass of bodies all enjoying the music and atmosphere. Live music in bars is aContinue reading “Live Music Bars”

Thai Rolled Ice Cream

My favourite pictures #1 I think like most people at the moment I have been spending more time reflecting and looking back at past trips. So here is the first in a series of pictures that have some sort of significance to me, they might not always be the best pictures but they all meanContinue reading “Thai Rolled Ice Cream”