Thai VietJetAir Offers Unlimited Flights

Thai |VietjetAir have launched a new promotion offering the “SkyFun PowerPass” valid for either 6 or 12 months of unlimited flights on internal Thai flights. The PowerPass must be purchased by 31st January and are valid until 15th July, for the 6 month pass and 23rd December, for the 12 month pass. All bookings andContinue reading “Thai VietJetAir Offers Unlimited Flights”

Quarantine and Vaccines Are Not The Answer to Safe Travel

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has criticised plans to require travellers to have received a Covid-19 vaccination to allow them to travel. In December we discussed the reasons why the vaccine may not be the holy grail for the reopening of borders, simply the primary aim of a vaccine is to stop illness,Continue reading “Quarantine and Vaccines Are Not The Answer to Safe Travel”

Travel Views 2021 – What Matters Most

Agoda have published the results of their “What Matters Most 2021” survey which has a particular focus on the Asia market. The survey shows that one in three people are most looking forward to spending more quality time with loved ones during 2021. Many people of course have not been able to see family andContinue reading “Travel Views 2021 – What Matters Most”

Could An Asean Travel Bubble Be The Saviour Of Tourism In The Region

The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) has published a report that suggests that the Asean Secretariat should look to create a travel bubble for the region. Singapore has been leading the way in the creation of Green Lanes and Travel Passes and Thailand has also been looking to boost tourist numbers. The numbersContinue reading “Could An Asean Travel Bubble Be The Saviour Of Tourism In The Region”

Southeast Asia Covid Vaccine Rollout

A number of Southeast Asia countries have made agreements with vaccine manufacturers with some already starting their vaccination process. Many countries though will have to wait for the vaccines to arrive unless they have managed to negotiate early access. A number of vaccines have made deals with countries which give them first access to theContinue reading “Southeast Asia Covid Vaccine Rollout”

Happy Christmas From Flyingdog Travel

2020 has been a tough year for most of us. Not least for those who love to travel. We were lucky in that we managed to travel to Thailand prior to the pandemic. Although our plans for early 2021 have been ruined. Today we hope that everyone gets the perfect present for travellers, the openingContinue reading “Happy Christmas From Flyingdog Travel”

Will People Be Happy to Travel in 2021?

The travel industry has been largely decimated by the Covid-19 pandemic as international travel has, mostly, shut-down as countries lock their borders. The travel industry is desperate to restart but know that to do so successfully, they need to ensure that consumers are confident that travel is safe again. They will also need to ensureContinue reading “Will People Be Happy to Travel in 2021?”

More Details of COVID Passport Unveiled

In November we reported on plans by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) of an IATA Travel Pass, designed to support the reopening of international borders. IATA have now released more details of the Travel Pass which has been dubbed a “COVID Passport”. This follows research by IATA in September that has shown the concernsContinue reading “More Details of COVID Passport Unveiled”

70% of Destinations Lift Travel Restrictions But Southeast Asia Remains Mostly Closed

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) recently published the 8th edition of their UNWTO Travel restrictions Report. The headline figure is that 70% of destinations worldwide had, at least partly, eased the travel restrictions that had been imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The outlook in Southeast Asia is less promising however with AsiaContinue reading “70% of Destinations Lift Travel Restrictions But Southeast Asia Remains Mostly Closed”

How Busy Are Southeast Asia Skies?

We recently looked at the most significant routes throughout Southeast Asia for 2019. How has the pandemic affected the skies over the region? We have used data published by OAG in their most recent overview. November Figures Globally the number of available airline seats in November was more than 239 million, more than 47% lowerContinue reading “How Busy Are Southeast Asia Skies?”