Bali Medical Tourism

Sanur, Bali, Indonesia. Credit mutekk on Unsplash The Indonesian government hace announced plans to develop the Sanur region on Bali as a Special Economic Zone focused on health, primarily for senior citizens. Erick Thohir, Indonesian Minister of State-Owned Enterprises of Indonesia, announced earlier this week that there is 41 hectares of land available for developmentContinue reading “Bali Medical Tourism”

Covid Cases Surge in Southeast Asia

Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand are all experiencing increases in cases of Covid-19 as the battle against the virus continues. Indonesia today (Monday 18th January) reported an additional 9,086 cases and 295 deaths related to Covid-19 to give a total of 917,015 cases and 26,282 deaths since the start of the pandemic. Malaysia reportedContinue reading “Covid Cases Surge in Southeast Asia”

Earthquake Kills At Least 34 in Indonesia

A 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia early on Friday morning causing extensive damage and killing at least 34 people with numbers expected to rise in the coming days. The earthquake occurred 6km (3.73 miles) northeast of Majene City. It followed a 5.9 magnitude earthquake a few hours earlier. At least 8 people died in Majene,Continue reading “Earthquake Kills At Least 34 in Indonesia”

New Year’s Revolutions For The Travel Industry

Happy 2021 After a year which has rocked the world, with a pandemic that has led to more than 1.6 million deaths worldwide, and the devastation of the travel and tourist industry, we enter the New Year. So firstly we would like to wish all of our readers a very happy New Year. We hopeContinue reading “New Year’s Revolutions For The Travel Industry”

Thailand Visa Information

Updated 9th December 2020. Thailand has now started to open up to foreign visitors including tourists. Visas currently available include: Tourist Visa – short-stay tourists up to 60 days with an extension available for a further 45 days Special Tourist Visa – long stay tourists for an initial 90 days, with extensions up to 270Continue reading “Thailand Visa Information”

Smart Band for Thailand Tourists

A number of outlets in Thailand are reporting that visitors to Thailand will be required to wear a digital wristband that will alert local health authorities if certain conditions are met e.g. the wearers body temperature exceeds 37.5°C (99.5°F). It is thought that the device will also measure blood pressure and heart rate. It isContinue reading “Smart Band for Thailand Tourists”

September in Review

It has been another incredibly busy month, despite world travel still being on hold. We wait for the world to open up again and launched all new guides to Malaysia and Singapore and increased our coverage of Vietnam. We have posted some of our favourite pictures of Angkor Wat, Thai sunsets and the Grand PalaceContinue reading “September in Review”

Travel to South-East Asia, What Are the Options?

Government Advice and Quarantine Country by Country It is important to understand the changing nature in destination countries as well. Flights are being sold for future dates to many countries which do not currently allow foreign travelers entry, which can cause confusion. Just because a country is not shown on the UK Government lists doesContinue reading “Travel to South-East Asia, What Are the Options?”

August in Review

We have had a busy month here at Flyingdog towers (well sat in my conservatory as I work from home). Most popular blog posts included the Best Beaches in Thailand and Best Beaches in Vietnam, My Favoritite Things to Do in Bangkok, our updated statistics on COVID-19 in South East Asia and Don and Vik’sContinue reading “August in Review”

Air Travel – What Will The “New Normal” Look Like?

We were lucky, we were in Thailand at the end of February and escaped the global lockdown. By April the Covid-19 pandemic had all but shut down global air travel, down around 95% from 2019, as countries closed their borders and banned foreign nationals, and in many cases everyone, from entering the country. South-East AsiaContinue reading “Air Travel – What Will The “New Normal” Look Like?”

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