Thai VietJetAir Offers Unlimited Flights

Thai |VietjetAir have launched a new promotion offering the “SkyFun PowerPass” valid for either 6 or 12 months of unlimited flights on internal Thai flights. The PowerPass must be purchased by 31st January and are valid until 15th July, for the 6 month pass and 23rd December, for the 12 month pass. All bookings andContinue reading “Thai VietJetAir Offers Unlimited Flights”

Thailand Covid Outbreak May Result in Lockdown and Further Damage to Tourism Industry

Yesterday we reported on a new Covid-19 outbreak centred in Samut Sakhon that had already seen almost 1,000 new cases in three days. A further 427 cases were reported today, 397 of which were migrant workers, the hardest hit group in Samut Sakhon. Cases have now started to appear elsewhere in Thailand, all linked backContinue reading “Thailand Covid Outbreak May Result in Lockdown and Further Damage to Tourism Industry”

Where to Eat a Michelin Starred Meal in Thailand

One of the most popular reasons that people state when asked why they visit Thailand is the food. For most people they are talking the incredible local food options and street food. For others it is the high end restaurants offering Thai and International cuisine. The Michelin Guide has now published the restaurants in ThailandContinue reading “Where to Eat a Michelin Starred Meal in Thailand”

November Highlights

Travel News It has been an incredibly busy month for general travel news despite the general lack of travel options for most. We like to be glass half full here at Flyingdog Travel and we published our hopes for travel opening up in 2021. News of a COVID Passport being developed by IATA could beContinue reading “November Highlights”

100 Up And Still Going Strong

We published our 50 Not Out post one post early as we wanted it published at a certain time. This time, to celebrate 100 posts, we are a few late. But who is counting? At the start of these blog post we were in the middle of an unprecedented worldwide lockdown as the Covid-19 pandemicContinue reading “100 Up And Still Going Strong”

Top 7 Things To Do in Phuket

While we wait for borders to re-open and the chance to travel again we take a look at our top 7 things to do on Phuket in Thailand. We have lots of coverage on Phuket on our website including a where to stay guide. 1. Phang Nga Bay Sitting in the Strait of Malacca between Phuket island and theContinue reading “Top 7 Things To Do in Phuket”

Southeast Asia Holidays in 2021 Looking Promising

It has been a hard year for everyone involved in the travel and tourism industries as large parts of the world have been in lockdown or have closed their borders. Most of Southeast Asia is still off limits for most travellers but there are signs that things may be more promising for 2021. International TourismContinue reading “Southeast Asia Holidays in 2021 Looking Promising”

October in Review

There still seems to be no end to the COVID-19 pandemic and the re-opening of much of Southeast Asia although there are the first, faint glimmers of hope. Undeterred we have continued to expand our content in the region to help people to plan and be inspired for future travel and also our general news,Continue reading “October in Review”

Andaman Sea

My favourite pictures #9 I have always loved water. My fearless antics around swimming pools as a 2 year old scared my non-swimming mother on many occasions. I did so many sponsored swims that by 8 years old relatives had said enough was enough, especially those who sponsored by distance. I have been a swimmingContinue reading “Andaman Sea”

South East Asia Travel Update

6th October 2020 We have scoured the internet, consulted with our sources and read press releases to find the latest tourism news from South East Asia. We recently published tourism updates for Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand which all have more detail on the current situation in each of those countries. We also regularly update ourContinue reading “South East Asia Travel Update”