Film Locations in Southeast Asia Part 1

Southeast Asia offers a wide range of options for film and TV locations including some that have generated millions of tourist visits. In this series of posts we will look at some of the most iconic film locations in the region as well as some surprises. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) One of the most famousContinue reading “Film Locations in Southeast Asia Part 1”

Concern For Future Of Angkor Wat Due To Siem Reap Developments

We recently reported on a planned $350 million resort planned for Siem Reap. The development, provisionally called Angkor Lake of Wonder, is proposed to include hotels, a water theme park, an indoor hi-tech theme park, a non-motorised boating canal system, business facilities for meetings conferences and exhibitions. The resort is part of the much larger SiemContinue reading “Concern For Future Of Angkor Wat Due To Siem Reap Developments”

Boxing Day Asia Highlights

Here in the UK, 26th December is Boxing Day. The day after Christmas is a day when many Britons will rise early for the start of the post Christmas sales. For many people Boxing Day is one for sport. Hundreds of thousands of people would head to watch top level football (soccer for you Americans)Continue reading “Boxing Day Asia Highlights”

November Highlights

Travel News It has been an incredibly busy month for general travel news despite the general lack of travel options for most. We like to be glass half full here at Flyingdog Travel and we published our hopes for travel opening up in 2021. News of a COVID Passport being developed by IATA could beContinue reading “November Highlights”

100 Up And Still Going Strong

We published our 50 Not Out post one post early as we wanted it published at a certain time. This time, to celebrate 100 posts, we are a few late. But who is counting? At the start of these blog post we were in the middle of an unprecedented worldwide lockdown as the Covid-19 pandemicContinue reading “100 Up And Still Going Strong”

Southeast Asia Flight Price Tracker November 2020

Travel to Southeast Asia is starting to look more promising for 2021 as Singapore and Thailand start to, tentatively, re-open their borders to travellers, generally from select countries. Last month we noticed that prices for a number of routes had started to creep up again, based on March 2021 flights. Prices in September had droppedContinue reading “Southeast Asia Flight Price Tracker November 2020”

October in Review

There still seems to be no end to the COVID-19 pandemic and the re-opening of much of Southeast Asia although there are the first, faint glimmers of hope. Undeterred we have continued to expand our content in the region to help people to plan and be inspired for future travel and also our general news,Continue reading “October in Review”

50 Not Out

No this is not a post on cricket (50 not out is a cricket term), instead it is a celebration of reaching 50 posts since we launched in July. Here we look back at some of our, and your, favourite posts as we head towards our next 50. Where It All Began The very firstContinue reading “50 Not Out”

September in Review

It has been another incredibly busy month, despite world travel still being on hold. We wait for the world to open up again and launched all new guides to Malaysia and Singapore and increased our coverage of Vietnam. We have posted some of our favourite pictures of Angkor Wat, Thai sunsets and the Grand PalaceContinue reading “September in Review”