Thai Province Gains UNESCO Status For Its Food

Phetchaburi Province has been accepted as Thailand’s latest member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) in the field of Gastronomy. Phetchaburi is the fifth province in Thailand to have earned the UCCN title, after Phuket was named a Creative City of Gastronomy in 2015, Chiang Mai a Creative City of Crafts and Folk ArtsContinue reading “Thai Province Gains UNESCO Status For Its Food”

Restaurant Review District Manchester

Travel restrictions have meant that we have been limited unable to travel to Southeast Asia since last March when we returned home from Thailand just before the lockdown began. Unable to get our fix of Thai food from street markets and family-run small restauarants and cafes in Thailand we thought it was time to sampleContinue reading “Restaurant Review District Manchester”

Thailand Amazing New Chapters

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched its 2022 tourism marketing campaign called “Visit Thailand Year 2022” which will focus on helping people experience “Amazing New Chapters”. Main picture credit Wes Hicks on Unsplash The campaign will have a heavy focus on sustainable and responsible tourism, echoing the desires of many tourists following theContinue reading “Thailand Amazing New Chapters”

The A To Z Of Southeast Asia Index

We recently published our A to Z of Southeast Asia. We have seen beautiful pictures, incredible locations, temples, ruins, beaches, scuba diving locations and even food. Here is the full list. Enjoy. A Angkor Wat – Cambodia B Bangkok – Thailand C Chiang Mai – Thailand D Da Nang – Vietnam E Elephants F FloresContinue reading “The A To Z Of Southeast Asia Index”

Thailand Seeks UNESCO Status

Thailand is applying for UNESCO status for two of its most recognisable, but very different, features this year. The Andaman Coast and Tom Yam Kung. Andaman Coast The Thai culture committee has agreed to push for UNESCO World Heritage Site Status for the Andaman coastline. A World Heritage Site is a cultural or natural landmarkContinue reading “Thailand Seeks UNESCO Status”

The A To Z Of Southeast Asia – P

Pad Thai Possibly the most well known of all Thai dishes, Pad Thai can be found on restaurant menus around the world and is also commonly found as street food throughout Thailand. Main photo cooking Pad Thai on the Bangkok canals credit Jane Selomulyo on flickr Many of the Pad Thai that you come acrossContinue reading “The A To Z Of Southeast Asia – P”

Southeast Asia Dishes Feature Heavily In World’s 50 Best Foods

Beef Pho credit DeaShoot on flickr The quality and variety of food throughout Southeast Asia is again underlined in CNN Travel’s list of the World’s Best 50 Foods with 11 entries including the number 1. We love Southeast Asian food and have included some of our favourite recipes on Flyingdog Travel. The full list ofContinue reading “Southeast Asia Dishes Feature Heavily In World’s 50 Best Foods”

Best Restaurants In Southeast Asia Announced

Main picture from Le Du, Bangkok, credit 50 Best The list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna, was announced on March 25, 2021, via a virtual awards ceremony.  The Chairman in Hong Kong topped the list but here are the top rated restaurants in the Southeast Asia Region. 2Continue reading “Best Restaurants In Southeast Asia Announced”

Essence Of Asia Best Restaurants

A number of Southeast Asia restaurants feature in a new collection of restaurants throughout Asia dubbed the “Essence of Asia”. The unranked collection of 50 restaurants is designed to represent the “spirit of Asian gastronomy” with eateries that honour culinary traditions, reinvent indigenous cuisines and revive centuries old recipes. “We are honoured to unveil theContinue reading “Essence Of Asia Best Restaurants”

Where to Eat a Michelin Starred Meal in Thailand

One of the most popular reasons that people state when asked why they visit Thailand is the food. For most people they are talking the incredible local food options and street food. For others it is the high end restaurants offering Thai and International cuisine. The Michelin Guide has now published the restaurants in ThailandContinue reading “Where to Eat a Michelin Starred Meal in Thailand”

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