Garuda Indonesia to Shed 700 Jobs

Garuda Indonesia recently announced that at least 700 employees would lose their jobs as the travel industry continues to struggle due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo credit 馬鱈作定 | バタラサクティon flickr According to Garuda President Director Irfan Setiaputra the workers being laid off have all been taking unpaid leave since May. In a statement SetiaputraContinue reading “Garuda Indonesia to Shed 700 Jobs”

Threat to Komodo Dragon by “Jurassic Park”

Protests against an Indonesian government backed scheme to promote tourism on Rinca Island, dubbed “Jurassic Park” have intensified following the publication of a picture showing a Komodo Dragon and a workers truck in close proximity. Rinca Island is one of the the three largest islands making up Komodo National Park in Indonesia. The island comprisesContinue reading “Threat to Komodo Dragon by “Jurassic Park””