The biggest city on Bali with some wonderful traditional architecture and historical monuments alongside some excellent shopping opportunities and restaurants


Accommodation – Most hotels are designed for local business travel rather than tourists so don’t expect destination hotels and resorts. Most people will stay in a beach resort and use local transport to visit.

Nightlife – again mostly aimed at local rather than tourists but can be an excellent place to visit for more authentic Bali city life.

Food – The place to visit for Indonesian food on the island mostly at very reasonable prices. Jalan Teuko, Renon and Umar are areas worth visiting.

Things To Do

The Bajra Sandhi Monument is a must visit in Denpasar. built in 1987 the monument is designed to record the struggles of the Balinese people and share the history of the island.

The Bali Provincial Public Museum or the Negeri Propinsi Bali provides an insight into the history, culture and traditions in Bali.

Pasar Badung Market is an excellent local daily market popular with locals and tourists alike offering a wide range of food, handicrafts, clothes and much more.

Photo credit Sasha India on flickr

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