Lombok Beaches

Lombok has a number of excellent beaches that deserve exploring.

Senggigi Beach, Lombok, Indonesia. Credit Aristo Rinjuang on Unsplash

Senggigi Beach

Located on the western cast of Lombok is Senggigi which is often used for the wider coastline and the assortment of beaches, hotels and tourist focused businesses.

Senggigi itself is a relatively small village with a nice harbour and the long strip of sand which is lined with restaurants and a few hotels.

Senggigi is an excellent base for exploring the coastline, the interior of Lombok and the Gili Islands.

Mangsit Beach, Lombok, Indonesia. Credit Jorge Diaz on flickr

Mangsit Beach

Just a short drive from Senggigi is Mangsit with a volcanic sand beach that is, in places, black sand. There are a number of hotels and restaurants but there area is relatively peaceful.

The sea is generally calm and perfect for swimming but is also great if you’re learning to surf as the waves aren’t too big and there are surf schools and surfboards available for hire.

Nipah Beach, Lombok, Indonesia. credit UpSticksGoCrew on flickr


Head further north and you will get to Nipah Beach which is quieter and as popular with locals than tourists especially to enjoy the sunset.

The sand is another coral beach and can feel rough in places. The sea is very calm and perfect for a swim however.

The beach has a number warungs which serve excellent seafood and other dishes freshly prepared and grilled usually served with rice and vegetables.

Pandanan Beach, Lombok, Indonesia. Credit Jorge Diaz on flickr


Head over the hill from Nipah and you will get to Pandanan Beach.

A much quieter beach that the majority of tourists seem to miss which is a shame as it ofers incredible scenery, surrounded by hills and coconut groves and views of the Gili Islands.

An excellent choice for a relaxing swim, enjoying the sunset or enjoying the food from a warung. The views from the hills above the beach are also worth the trip.

Kuta Beach, Lombok, Indonesia. Credit Sharkchic on flickr

Kuta Beach

Kuta is rapidly becoming a popular tourist destination on Lombok but is still much quieter than most tourist areas on neighbouring Bali.

The town beach is nice but pales in comparison to many of the beaches nearby so is often used as a base unless you are a surfer who love the area.

The area has a number of accommodation options along with some fun bars to relax in the evening.

Tanjung Aan Beach, Lombok, Indonesia. Credit iif_2019 on flickr

Tanjung Aan Beach

One of the best beaches in Lombok and located on the south coast with wonderful crystal clear turquoise water and soft, fine, white sand. Tanjung Aan is around 15 minutes from Kuta along the beach road.

The large bay has a number of shacks and warungs dotted alongside and, separated by a large hill, is a second bay. The views from the top of the hill are excellent. The sea is calm and perfect for swimming and the beach has a number of very instagrammable swings and viewpoints.

Selong Belanak Beach, Lombok, Indonesia. Credit celebrityabc on flickr

Selong Belanak Beach

West of Kuta, Selong Belanak is a popular beach due to the stretch of beautiful sand and incredible azure blue sea. It can get busy at weekend as locals also flock to the beach.

Another popular destination for surfers but the area is also ideal for swimming, sunbathing and generally relaxing with a number of warungs, stalls and casual vendors. As you venture further along the beach the crowds generally disappear and you will hopefully find yourself some isolated sand.

Mawi Beach, Lombok, Indonesia. Credit David Hunt on flickr

Mawi Beach

Just south of Selong Belanak is Mawi beach.

The beach is a hidden gem and you will usually be sharing it with very few people, the downside being that there are very few, if any, warung or stalls, so bring food and water.

Mawun Beach, Lombok, Indonesia. Credit Anne-Mette Jensen on flickr

Mawun Beach

Mawun Beach generally has very few people which means that you can really enjoy the white sand and blue waters without being disturbed. There are however few options for food and drink so you may need to plan ahead.

The bay is in a horseshoe shape which results in deeper water and bigger waves in the centre and much calmer seas at either end of the bay.

Pink Beach, Lombok, Indonesia. Credit Hotel Kaesong on flickr

Pink Beach (Tangsi Beach)

Sitting on the southeastern point of Lombok is this beach which has become increasingly popular with people looking for that perfect photo opportunity on the sand which has a pink hue. The beach can be hard to find and the roads are not the best so it may be best to head there with a driver or by boat.

The area is beautiful and well worth the trip especially if you head into the sea for some snorkelling which is excellent here.

Head up the hill on the western end of the beach for some excellent views of the nearby bays and beaches. There are also 2 further Pink beaches worth exploring if you have a guide.

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