On the west of Lombok Senggigi is an excellent base for exploring the interior and coastline of Lombok and for onward travel to the Gili Islands.


Beach – Senggigi beach is a lovely beach with a number of hotels and dining choices. The beach is also the main point for boats to Bali and Gili Islands.

There are a number of other excellent beaches in the area.

Accommodation – There are a good range of options along the coastline in the Senggigi area.

Nightlife – Nightlife is limited to a few bars dotted around the area. It is not really a tourist town but a series of smaller locations.

Food – Although there is a good selection of international food in hotels and Senggigi the quality does vary and we recommend sampling the local dishes especially the grilled seafood.

Things To Do

Beach life – explore the local beaches, surf or swim in the crystal clear seas and enjoy the food from the warungs nestled alongside the beaches.

Explore the local area and even head inland to Mount Rinjani, a two hour drive away, or a number of excellent waterfalls or jump on a boat to the Gili Islands.

Pura Batu Bolong temple south of Senggigi is well worth a visit especially later in the day to enjoy the sunset on the rock looking out over the sea.

Where To Stay

4**** Katamaran Hotel & Resort is located on Mangsit beachfront and offers a tropical paradise and has a stunning Mount Agung sunset view

Kila Senggigi Beach Lombok has stunning views, serene surroundings and total tranquility 

Qunci Villas Hotel is a beachfront hotel on Mangsit Beach with over 150 metres of beachfront. 

3***Coconut Boutique Resort is a lovely boutique resort around 15 minutes drive from Senggigi

Rajavilla Lombok Resort sits on a natural slope rising from the beach and offers spectacular views.

Sunsethouse Lombok is an exclusive, affordable boutique hotel built on the shores of Senggigi beach Lombok and Batu Bolong Temple offering unrivalled views across the Lombok straits

2**Anggrek Putih Eco Resort  is a small family homestay located in Meninting on the banks of the Meninting River. 

Photo credit Tandya Rachmat on Unsplash

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