November Travel Guide for Southeast Asia

Here are our recommendations for where to go and what to do during November in Southeast Asia.


Cool season in the north with daily highs of around 30°C/86°F. Temperatures in the mountains will be significant cooler so dress appropriately. Even at lower levels night-time temperatures can dip so you may need an added layer on your night out. Rainfall is uncommon.

The most popular time to visit Bangkok is during the cool season between when temperatures are still warm between 21°C/70°F at night and 33°C/91°F highs. This period also has low rainfall.

The Monsoon continues on Koh Samui which can see very heavy rain, usually in short bursts. There can still be some very nice days. Temperatures are still around 30°C/86°F.

Peak season for the Andaman Sea resorts when the weather is at its driest and temperatures are coolest as well, with highs of 34°C/93°F and never getting below around 23°C/73°F at night. Sea temperatures are nice and warm. Any showers are likely to be short and heavy.

Picture Chiang Mai, Thailand. Credit Flyingdog Travel


The weather on the east coast becomes windier and wetter meaning that many people avoid the area during this part of the year.

Over on the west coast islands the weather is almost perfect with drier and sunnier weather as peak season comes into effect.

There are a number of regional holidays in Malaysia during November.

Picture Sabah, Malaysia. Credit Hugo D on Unsplash


It’s dry season again and temperatures are very pleasant making November an excellent time to visit all parts of the country. Becoming peak time now for the beach resorts in the south.

Independence Day is celebrated on 9th November. The holiday is on the following Monday if the date falls on a Sunday.

Picture Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Credit Flyingdog Travel


An excellent time to visit the north of the country as temperatures are comfortable and rainfall is relatively low.

November is one of the wettest months in central Vietnam and cyclones and significant flooding is possible. Temperatures continue to fall but are still warm.

Rainfall finally starts to decrease in the south and it is now the end of the typhoon season.

Picture Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Credit Taylor Simpson on Unsplash


There is not really a bad time to visit Singapore, November is the start of the Northeast Monsoon and rainfall starts to increase.

Deepavali is the most important of all Hindu festivals. 24th October 2022, 12th November 2023 (holiday on 13th), 31st October 2024.

Picture Super Tree Grove, Singapore. Credit Coleen Rivas on Unsplash


The start of the rainy season with hours of sunshine decreasing and rainfall increasing throughout the month. Temperatures are still hot but cooler days are on the way.

Picture Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia. Credit Ella Hanson on Unsplash


The dry season is starting to take effect although there is still the risk of rainfall. Temperatures are comfortable in all areas.

All Saints Day 1st November.

Bonifacio Day is a national public holiday every 30th November to celebrate the birthday of one of the country’s greatest heroes, Andrés Bonifacio.

Picture Small Lagoon, Philippines. Credit Jules Bss on Unsplash


Very much dry season now and the chance of rainfall continues to decrease. Temperatures are still moderate making travelling and trekking very enjoyable.

Boun That Luang is one of the most important public holidays in Laos. 8th November 2022, 27th November 2023, 1st November 2024.

Picture Thakhek, Laos

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