Adventure Tourism In Sarawak

Sarawak Jungle, Borneo, Malaysia credit Luke Price on flickr Sarawak is a state in the Malaysian island of Borneo and stretches along the northwest coast. It’s known for its beautiful beaches and rugged, dense rainforest. It is the perfect location for relaxation and adventure travel. Beaches Everyone loves beaches. There is nothing more calming thanContinue reading “Adventure Tourism In Sarawak”

62 Feared Dead in Indonesia Plane Crash

Sriwijaya Air flight 182 Flight crashed four minutes after taking off for its 740km (460 mile) flight to Pontianak on Borneo from Jakarta on 9th January. SJ182 was headed to Pontianak on Borneo island, about 740 km (460 miles) from Jakarta, on Saturday before it disappeared from radar screens four minutes after take-off and crashedContinue reading “62 Feared Dead in Indonesia Plane Crash”

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