The Future Of Travel – Your Flying Experience Will Be Very Different Following The Pandemic

In this second part of our series looking at the Future of Travel we will be looking at your flying experience. Main picture quiet cabin during flight credit Doug Letterman on flickr The Future of Travel – Why Your Future Travel Will Be Very Different After Coronavirus Even before the pandemic many found the flyingContinue reading “The Future Of Travel – Your Flying Experience Will Be Very Different Following The Pandemic”

Thailand Confirms Latest Entry Requirements

Picture Thailand beach scene credit Maksim Shutov on Unsplash Authorities in Thailand have confirmed the requirements for foreign arrivals to benefit from the latest reduced quarantine measures. From the start of April arrivals will need to complete a reduced 7 day quarantine period as long as they have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 with anContinue reading “Thailand Confirms Latest Entry Requirements”

Vietnam and Thailand Among The Top 5 Countries in the Fight Against Covid-19

The Lowy Institute has published a report on the performance of countries throughout the world in relation to their success in battling the Covid-19 pandemic. Vietnam and Thailand both place in the top 5 best performing countries with Singapore and Malaysia both appearing in the top 20 countries. The top performing country worldwide was NewContinue reading “Vietnam and Thailand Among The Top 5 Countries in the Fight Against Covid-19”

Covid Cases Surge in Southeast Asia

Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand are all experiencing increases in cases of Covid-19 as the battle against the virus continues. Indonesia today (Monday 18th January) reported an additional 9,086 cases and 295 deaths related to Covid-19 to give a total of 917,015 cases and 26,282 deaths since the start of the pandemic. Malaysia reportedContinue reading “Covid Cases Surge in Southeast Asia”

Singapore Airlines To Vaccinate All Crew

Singapore Airlines have ambitious plans to be the World’s first international airline to have all of its flight crew and ground workers vaccinated against Covid-19. Plans are underway to inoculate 37,000 front-line aviation and maritime workers within the next two months and are seen as key in reviving Singapore as a key air hub forContinue reading “Singapore Airlines To Vaccinate All Crew”

Thailand to Introduce Tourist Tax

The Thai National Tourism Policy Committee has approved proposed guidelines for a 300 Baht (approx £7.34 or US$9.98) tourism fee from each international visitor. The collected fees will be used for the management of local tourist destinations and to provide insurance benefits to international tourists visiting the country. The tourist fee was originally proposed inContinue reading “Thailand to Introduce Tourist Tax”

State of Emergency Declared in Malaysia

Yesterday the Malaysia Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced tougher measures to combat the spread of Covid-19. Today he is defending the decision to implement a State of Emergency in the country. Rising numbers of cases in the country has prompted King Abdullah Ahmad Shah to agree to the government’s request for an emergency order effectiveContinue reading “State of Emergency Declared in Malaysia”

Thailand Covid Emergency Decree Extended As More Areas Enter Full Lockdown

The nationwide Emergency Decree in Thailand, which had been due to end on 15th January, has been extended until 28th February. The decree gives the Thai government the ability to set policies and procedures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 such as restricting travel and setting up road checkpoints. Meanwhile five provinces, including tourist centreContinue reading “Thailand Covid Emergency Decree Extended As More Areas Enter Full Lockdown”

Southeast Asia Covid Vaccine Rollout

A number of Southeast Asia countries have made agreements with vaccine manufacturers with some already starting their vaccination process. Many countries though will have to wait for the vaccines to arrive unless they have managed to negotiate early access. A number of vaccines have made deals with countries which give them first access to theContinue reading “Southeast Asia Covid Vaccine Rollout”

Thailand Aims To Boost Tourism With New Holidays

With almost 20% of pre-pandemic GDP being tourism and travel related, The Thai economy has been seriously affected by Covid-19 with no quick return expected despite a number of attempts to boost the sector. Like a number of its neighbours Thailand has tried to promote and encourage domestic tourism with some weekends seeing significant hotelContinue reading “Thailand Aims To Boost Tourism With New Holidays”

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