Southeast Asia Destinations Top Worlds’ Most Popular Destination List

Bali beach. Picture credit Timo Wagner on Unsplash. Bali has been voted the most Popular Destination in the World in Tripadvisor 2021 Travellers’ Choice Popular Destinations – World category. The awards said that “Bali is a living postcard, an Indonesian paradise that feels like a fantasy. Soak up the sun on a stretch of fineContinue reading “Southeast Asia Destinations Top Worlds’ Most Popular Destination List”

2020 A Disaster For Tourism in Vietnam

2019 for the tourist industry in Vietnam was record breaking, attracting 18 million foreign tourists and generating VND720 trillion (approx £22.9 billion, US$30.8 billion) of income. Hopes were high that 2020 would be even better. A target of 20 million foreign tourists and VND809 trillion (approx £26 billion, US$30.8 billion) got off to an excellentContinue reading “2020 A Disaster For Tourism in Vietnam”

Top 20 Things To Do In Vietnam

We’re dreaming, not of a White Christmas, but a trip to Vietnam. Here are our top 20 things to do in Vietnam. Saigon Central Post Office A French colonial masterpiece as stunning inside as it is out. Not just a popular tourist attraction, it is still a functioning post office. Just across from the NotreContinue reading “Top 20 Things To Do In Vietnam”

Covid Ruins Travel Plans

Millions of people have had their travel plans ruined by the Covid-19 pandemic. People have had weddings cancelled, family reunions ruined, holidays of a lifetime postponed and gap years turned into a lockdown at home. Many are still waiting for refunds from trips scheduled for summer 2020 as the travel industry, from airlines and hotelsContinue reading “Covid Ruins Travel Plans”

35 Die in Central Vietnam After Typhoon Molave

At least 35 people have died and 59 are missing as Typhoon Molave hit Central Vietnam on Wednesday (28th October), the fourth major storm to hit the area in October. The number of deaths is expected to rise. The three previous storms left at least 130 people dead and 18 missing before Molave. Photo depictsContinue reading “35 Die in Central Vietnam After Typhoon Molave”

Typhoon Molave Batters Central Vietnam

Typhoon Molave, believed to be the most powerful storm to hit Vietnam in the last 20 years, made landfall just south of Da Nang at around 11.00am on Wednesday morning. Photo depicts previous flooding of Hoi An and not current conditions – credit Loi Nguyen Duc on flickr The storm is expected to move westwardsContinue reading “Typhoon Molave Batters Central Vietnam”

Vietnam Preparing to Open to Tourists

Sorry for the slightly misleading headline but this is the most promising news from Vietnam for foreign tourists for a long time. The increasing activity to promote Vietnam and demonstrate safety for visitors seems to be the first steps in building demand when borders do re-open. I hope this is true, I am meant toContinue reading “Vietnam Preparing to Open to Tourists”