Southeast Asia Fares Badly In Sustainable Tourism Report

Main picture Bang Kachao in Bangkok, credit on flickr Despite a number of recent projects and schemes Southeast Asian countries are still lagging behind when it comes to sustainable tourism. That is according to a Euromonitor International report. The report ranked 99 countries and territories from around the world after analyzing seven areas andContinue reading “Southeast Asia Fares Badly In Sustainable Tourism Report”

Palawan Sustainable Tourism Project

Picture El Nido, Palawan, Philippines credit nennnn on flickr The Philippine government has committed to plans to fully implement a Sustainable Tourism Development Project (STDP) for Coron and El Nido on Palawan during 2021. El Nido is known for white-sand beaches, coral reefs and as the gateway to the Bacuit archipelago, a group of islandsContinue reading “Palawan Sustainable Tourism Project”

New Vietnamese Eco-Tourism Project In The Mekong Delta

Picture U Minh Thuong National Park. Credit Phuoc Hoia on flickr Kien Giang province in Vietnam is planning to develop eco-tourism in the U Minh Thuong National Park. Situated south of Rach Gia, the national park was established in 2002 and covers around  80.53 km2 (30 square miles). It is considered to be one of the richestContinue reading “New Vietnamese Eco-Tourism Project In The Mekong Delta”

Bangkok Sustainable Tourism Development

Bang Kachao, Bangkok, Thailand. Credit James Antrobus on flickr Bangkok has been working hard on increasing green spaces and sustainable tourism. A few weeks ago we reported on Bangkok Forest Park which is due to open in 2022 and now plans have been announced for Bang Kachao, dubbed the green lung of Bangkok. Gp CaptContinue reading “Bangkok Sustainable Tourism Development”

Cambodia Eco-Tourism Project Planned At Wildlife Sanctuary

Siamese crocodile. Credit Heather Paul on flickr According to the Phnom Penh Post the Cambodian Ministry of Environment is planning to turn some parts of Cambodia’s wildlife sanctuaries located in the Lower Mekong Dry Forest Eco-region, part of the Eastern Plains, into eco-tourism destinations. They hope that the foreign currency and tourists attracted to theContinue reading “Cambodia Eco-Tourism Project Planned At Wildlife Sanctuary”

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