Travel from Europe to Singapore to Open

Singapore and Germany announced on 23rd October that a Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) scheme had been agreed between the two countries. The RGL will enable essential travel for business or official purposes, via direct flights between both countries. The start date and details of the scheme have not yet been announced. Singapore already has RGLContinue reading “Travel from Europe to Singapore to Open”

Cars, Fires and Money Woes – Part 2

In part 1 we looked at the background to our trip plus the first 4 days. There was much more to come in the next few days. Day 5 We left the hotel and headed back to the petrol station, now open , and success, we had a full tank again. Off we went intoContinue reading “Cars, Fires and Money Woes – Part 2”

My Favourite Places

While I wait for the global coronavirus pandemic to ease, and travel to re-open, I started to reflect on the places I have visited before. There are a number of places firmly planted in my mind as being places I loved to visit and would like to visit again. Here they are, and unsurprisingly thereContinue reading “My Favourite Places”