The Vietnam Holiday That Never Was

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the face of the world in the last year, more than 2 million global deaths, many more with lasting effects and who have been hit by the economic, social and mental wellbeing impact. From a personal point of view today is sad from a travel point of view. As thisContinue reading “The Vietnam Holiday That Never Was”

Thailand Aims To Boost Tourism With New Holidays

With almost 20% of pre-pandemic GDP being tourism and travel related, The Thai economy has been seriously affected by Covid-19 with no quick return expected despite a number of attempts to boost the sector. Like a number of its neighbours Thailand has tried to promote and encourage domestic tourism with some weekends seeing significant hotelContinue reading “Thailand Aims To Boost Tourism With New Holidays”

Angkor Wat and a Personal Emergency

A few years ago we visited Cambodia with some friends and of course during the trip we had to visit Angkor Wat. We arranged a mini bus, driver and guide through the hotel which turned out to be an inspired choice. Not only was it excellent value for money but our guide was excellent, helpingContinue reading “Angkor Wat and a Personal Emergency”

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