Smart Band for Thailand Tourists

A number of outlets in Thailand are reporting that visitors to Thailand will be required to wear a digital wristband that will alert local health authorities if certain conditions are met e.g. the wearers body temperature exceeds 37.5°C (99.5°F). It is thought that the device will also measure blood pressure and heart rate. It isContinue reading “Smart Band for Thailand Tourists”

Thailand and the Battle Against Covid-19

Thailand was one of the first countries outside of China to report cases of COVID-19 and was quickly added to the UK government lists of countries where returning visitors would have to self-isolate if exhibiting any symptoms. Early concerns on the risk of a severe outbreak in Thailand were not seen however as the countryContinue reading “Thailand and the Battle Against Covid-19”

Travelling in Thailand at the Start of the Covid Pandemic

Back in February we were staying in Ao Nang in Thailand as the world was starting to get to grips with the increasing global threat of Covid-19. When we transited through Suvarnabhumi Airport in the middle of February there were some notable changes. There were far more areas with sanitising products available and plenty ofContinue reading “Travelling in Thailand at the Start of the Covid Pandemic”