Changes to Thailand Visa’s Made

Since Thailand announced it’s Special Tourist Visa (STV) and Tourist Visa (TV) there have been a number of “tweaks. Proof of income requirements for the TV, although officially still in place, disappeared from the requirements on a number of Embassy websites including those in the USA. The STV was initially available to residences of aContinue reading “Changes to Thailand Visa’s Made”

Phone App To Track Tourists to Thailand

Thai PBS World are reporting that the Thai Government will introduce a new app called “Thailand Plus” will be a requirement for tourists to enable officials to track their whereabouts. The app will use GPS to track tourists to help identify where they have visited but also to help locate them in case they haveContinue reading “Phone App To Track Tourists to Thailand”

Thailand Visa Information

Updated 9th December 2020. Thailand has now started to open up to foreign visitors including tourists. Visas currently available include: Tourist Visa – short-stay tourists up to 60 days with an extension available for a further 45 days Special Tourist Visa – long stay tourists for an initial 90 days, with extensions up to 270Continue reading “Thailand Visa Information”