Thai Tiger Park Ordered To Close

A troubled Tiger Park in eastern Thailand has had its operating licence withdrawn and faces permanent closure after two of its cubs were shown to have not been born in captivity. Mukda Tiger Park & Farm, also known as Mukda Suan Sua, was previously ordered to close temporarily in January after DNA tests proved thatContinue reading “Thai Tiger Park Ordered To Close”

Cambodia Eco-Tourism Project Planned At Wildlife Sanctuary

Siamese crocodile. Credit Heather Paul on flickr According to the Phnom Penh Post the Cambodian Ministry of Environment is planning to turn some parts of Cambodia’s wildlife sanctuaries located in the Lower Mekong Dry Forest Eco-region, part of the Eastern Plains, into eco-tourism destinations. They hope that the foreign currency and tourists attracted to theContinue reading “Cambodia Eco-Tourism Project Planned At Wildlife Sanctuary”

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