Top 17 Things To Do In Krabi

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Ao Nang, Krabi

Still less known in the UK than other areas in Southern Thailand, Krabi Province has some of the best beaches in the world, incredible limestone cliffs, islands that will take your breath away, diving and rock climbing among the best in the world.

We also have a handy guide of things not to do in Thailand.

Go Diving

The Diving and Snorkelling in the area is exceptional from beginners to experienced advanced diving sites the area has it all. Some locations can get busy but pick the right dive shop and they will help you avoid the crowds and help show you the wide variety of marine life from Turtles to Sharks, Lion Fish to Whale Sharks.

Lionfish are often seen during dives in Krabi
Chicken Island, Krabi Province, Thailand
View from a boat cruise off the Krabi coastline

Take an Island Tour

The are a number of tours you can take, the most common being the Four Island Tour usually taking in Koh Poda, Chicken Island (left) Tup Island and finishing at Phra Nang beach at Railay although other combinations exist.

A good tour will include a mix of beach and snorkelling time, if they really know what they are doing they will avoid the crowds and find more secluded locations.

Other options include Sunset Cruises and the 7 Island Tour.

5 Island Tour plus Talu Cave snorkeling by Longtail Boat from £16 per person

Visit the Tiger Cave

You need to be fit for this one. Climb up the 1,260 steps, taking care with the monkeys near the foot who can get a little bitey at times due to tourists feeding them. There are a number of theories over the origins of the cave, did a tiger live there or roam nearby? Paw prints on the walls? Tiger paw shaped cave feature? Whatever the true the trek is worthwhile for the temple itself and the incredible views.

Krabi Town

Visit Krabi Town

Krabi Town has a wonderful riverside pathway and park, shopping, the Khao Khanab Nam mountains straddling the river and interesting temples, including Wat Kaew temple. Well worth a day trip.

Thung Teao Forest Natural Park

Thung Teao Forest Natural Park is a lowland forest famous for the Emerald Pool and, nearby, Khlong Thong Hot Springs. Bring some good shoes for walking and clothes for swimming

Thung Teao Forest Natural Park, Krabi

Rock Climbing

There are a number of climbing schools around Krabi mostly in the Railay area where the stunning limestone cliffs make excellent climbing for beginners as well as harder routes that attract climbers from all over the world.

Ao Luk Mangroves

Around 40km from Krabi Town is Ao Luk District where you find a genuine traditional Thai Village but also Ao Luk Mangrove & Caves. Grab a longtail boat of kayak and explore the area.

Ao Luk Mangroves Krabi
Aerial view of Koh Phi Phi

Phi Phi

If you are not staying on Phi Phi then get a boat trip for a day visit.

Many trips will include multiple stops for shopping, sunbathing and snorkelling opportunities as you take in the spectacular seascapes.

Speedboat Phi Phi day trip from £62.77 per person

Sample Thai Food

You need to look a little harder for really excellent Thai food in Krabi Province especially around Ao Nang and other more touristy areas. However there is plenty to explore once you find it from small restaurants, street food and even some bars have a good selection.

Street food in Ao Nang, Krabi

Beach Life

Thailand is rightly famous for its beaches and Krabi is beach central.

Ao Nang and Nopparat Thara beaches are ok but head to Railay of Phi Phi or Koh Hong or, well the list of stunning beaches in the area is almost endless.

Aerial view over Railay
Khao Khanab Nam in Krabi

Khao Khanab Nam

The most famous site in Krabi town are the Khao Khanab Nam mountains. Situated each side of the river the mountains contain a number of interesting caves, including human skeletons possibly from a flood many years ago. Energetic? Climb to the top for excellent views.


Looking for that perfect beach? If you don’t mind everyone else looking for the perfect beach then one of Railay’s beaches could be it. Surrounded by limestone cliffs and only accessible by boat, pick up a longtail boat from Ao Nang and spend a few hours exploring the area.

Railay Beach
Ao Nang night man

Visit a Night Market

Many people will send you to the Krabi night market which takes place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Others will point you to the Ao Nang Night market. Personally I think you get just as much from wandering around the many smaller markets that have popped up around the area.

Massage Time

There are plenty of places to get a massage in Krabi Province. Walk down the main road in Ao Nang and there must be more than 20 places to get a Fish Pedicure, Thai Massage, facial and much more. Head to the beach and there are plenty more options especially as you get towards the southern end of Ao Nang beach. I recommend Massage Corner in Ao Nang, the treatments here are exceptional.

Get a massage in Thailand
Street view in Ao Nang at Center Point

Center Point

Situated on the beach road in Ao Nang is an entertainment “complex” that comprises a number of bars, places to eat, get a tattoo and watch a Ladyboy show. There is even a hostel located for those who need to be close to the party. Not the only place in town to enjoy a drink but a place to try.

Princess (Phra Nang) Cave

On the East side of Railay Bay are a couple of caves, take the kids there and be prepared for some awkward conversations. Legend has it that offerings of fertility have been made for centuries to the Princess to ensure local fishermen return safely and have good catches. There are many locals who still make offerings so be respectful.

Phra Nang Cave also known as Princess Cave
Monkey trail Ao Nang, Krabi

Take the Monkey Trail

I could have picked a standard picture of a monkey playing on the beach for this one. However take the trail and I hope you have a head for heights, don’t mind the rickety steps and walkway and you will get pretty sweaty.

Situation at the south end of Ao Nang beach past the last bar and massage beds is the start of the trail. You will often see monkeys around the trees and beach here.

Start climbing the steps and you might see monkeys in the trees as you climb higher getting views over the beach and sea. At the other end? An even stepper set of steps taking you down to the beach at the Centara Beach Resort, they will ask you to sign on entry but there is no charge. It’s another pleasant beach in a very swimmable setting. Just remember, you need to retrace your steps to get back to Ao Nang.

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