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We love working with people who share our love of travel and South East Asia.

Contact us if you would like to see your writing, pictures, recipes or stories shared on Flyingdog Travel.

Below are some of the the things we are looking for and some of the people and organisations we have been working with.


Your South East Asia experience can feature on our site. You may not have the time, confidence or desire to write it down so let us do the hard work for you. We will have a chat, usually online, write your story and, when you are happy with it, publish it on our blog.

Don and Vik’s COVID Adventure – we spoke with Australian couple Don and Vik who found themselves stranded in Malaysia when the country first entered lockdown, and are still there now, loving every minute.



A picture paints a thousand words and helps bring what we do to life.

Contact us if you would like to share your incredible pictures on our website.

We can help to raise awareness of your talents, blog or website.


There is nothing better than local knowledge or expertise.

We are looking for people who know the key information for tourists and travellers throughout South East Asia.

From time to time we also like to share our favourite South East Asian inspired recipes. Speak to us if you have a delicious recipe to share.


Share your story, adventure or experience of travelling through South East Asia.

It could be good, bad, funny, as long as it is interesting then we want to publish.

Travel Sites and Blogs – General

We love travel sites and blogs that provide information, inspiration and excellent service. If you have any of these contact us and we might be able to feature you on our site.

bontryp is a travel consultant company, that, in addition to consulting the travel requirements for each destination and helps all kind of travellers to save time on travel searches and money.

Food and Travel is a travel blog that also loves great food and the other discoveries made on their journey’s. They believe that “Traveling is a way to escape, learn, discover unique places and meet interesting people.” We couldn’t agree more.

mysjuntosxelmundo A couple who like to travel independently to learn about new cultures, visit great monuments and temples and discover new foods.

Tripode de Viaje a couple living in Madrid, who share their personal experiences about the destinations they have visited.  They like to travel freely and share the tips they have learned during their trips. They also give advice on how to get good photos, their other great passion.

Tao Wander Wellness Travel Promotes holistic and consciousness based travel experiences around the world. We sell travel and products through blogs, social media and video. We help the soulful traveller seeking greater awareness and peace.

Travel Sites and Blogs – Asia

Travel Umpire is a blog and website specialising in Nepal especially culture, history, tours trekking and hiking, eco-tourism, jungle safari, leisure and pleasure tours. Provides assistance in tailoring the perfect trip to Nepal for couples, families and group travel.

Travel India Travel Safe Make your complete travel plan, from your arrival airport to departure airport for your relaxed, safest, and economical stay anywhere in the world.

The Gypsy Chiring (Joydeep Phukan) based in Northeast India includes a fusion of stories on travel, adventure, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, cultures and nature, thoughts, poetry, and about life as a whole. It is also a platform for enthusiast writers to get their work published, thereby developing together through collaborations.

Shoot My Journey  A vacation photographer and videographer is the best way to make your travel memories special and to treasure timeless experiences. Shoot My Journey allows you to immortalise your travel moments while you’re traveling around Istanbul and Turkey

Travel Sites and Blogs – Europe

Italia Straniera Travel, art and culture blog, with news and insights on the most suggestive and least known places in Italy.

Retales del Mundo Travel blog, stories and photography. A traveller who has been on a lot of trips around Europe and South America. Especially in England where she lives and Peru, the country where she comes from.

Travel Sites and Blogs – The Americas

Retales del Mundo Travel blog, stories and photography. A traveller who has been on a lot of trips around Europe and South America. Especially in England where she lives and Peru, the country where she comes from.

Walled city of Cartagena Tourism agency with presence in the city of Cartagena and its surroundings. Offer tourism services with excellent quality.

Vente Pa’ Aca Travel blog written by a young guide in love with his country, where you can find information about what to see in Cuba, curiosities, tips and stories that cannot be missed, all written  with personal touch.

Isaac Tours The mindset, combined with a desire for local culture and a deep appreciation for customers and needs, is what has earned Isaac Tours a sophisticated niche and a loyal following. Offering tours, transportation, nature walks, life, investments and real estate in the Dominican Republic.

Franco Magno Travel advice, recommendations, strategies, tips and Mexico’s destinations analysis by the hand of Franco Magno, insider with over 25 years traveling experience in Mexico.

Travel Sites and Blogs – Africa

Baobab Adventure Experts in travel to Madagascar and organize your personalized trip to a unique place in the world with nature, beaches, adventure, honeymoons…

Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris Destination management company, and local Tour Operator based in Tanzania, most trustworthy and with the best TripAdvisor reviews. Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris helps travelers to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or book enjoyable African safaris.

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